Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dagada Saf: No Inzro (Rockgarage Records, 1984)

Degada Saf were an electropop quartet from Treviso, Venetia. Their first and only LP features eight tracks with nonsense Esperanto lyrics, emphatic vocals and obsessive electronic rhythms. Harsh guitar swirls, transfigurated Talking Heads architectures and synth-handclaps complete the formula. The compositions are quite simple, minimal-sounding, and the moods oscillate between cyberpunk nightmares à la Cabaret Voltaire and more jaunty, dancey grooves.
I have to thank the blog 7'' from the underground for having posted this record first.

  1. La rumba de Shang Hai
  2. Riz du flues
  3. Tri-banal
  4. Loda loda
  5. Zom Africa
  6. Polisumis
  7. Om
  8. No inzro
Download (192 kbps)